Job Opening – Men with Superhero Complex Need Not Apply

Now before anyone goes telling me that there are tons of songs about strong women, I AM  aware of this.  It doesn’t stop me from getting irritated when I hear yet another man (I’m looking at you, Chris Daughtry with your irritating ear worm of a song)  sing about a woman sitting around waiting to be rescued.  As if a man in her life will suddenly solve all of her problems.

I am not waiting for a superhero.  I am an independent, strong willed woman who runs her own life, raises a child,  holds down a full time job, can cook a meal, fix a computer, patch a wall, paint a room,  and a million other things.

Now just because I don’t NEED a man, doesn’t mean I am anti man or that I don’t want one. However, I will not settle for anyone just to have someone.  Perhaps I should treat it as a job listing? Candidates can submit their resumes, I can do a few interviews and hopefully hire the right fit.


Life Partner Wanted 

Forty-two year old female, mom of one precocious almost 7 year old daughter seeks male companion for laughing, watching sports together, taking road trips, helping with home improvement projects,  etc.

Ideal candidate will possess the following:

  • Expertise in kindness
  • Ability to understand value of people over money
  • Demonstrates a willingness to be spontaneous
  • Capable of spending lazy Sunday mornings in bed
  • Proficiency in sitting in silence in a backyard swing
  • Experience in letting partner spend time alone, or with her friends, without him present, and wanting the same
  • Ability to listen to partner’s problems without always trying to provide a solution
  • Knowledge of when to help and when to let partner handle own affairs
  • Good sense of humor is a must
  • Skilled in honesty
  • Enjoys backyard barbecues
  • Likes to attend sporting events such as baseball and football

Candidate should be between the ages of 45-60, have own residence and vehicle.  Employer is not looking to fully support another adult.

Height and weight are negotiable, as are eye and hair color.

Position would be long term, as employer does not wish to keep re-posting this listing.

Candidate will also go through a multi-step screening process with family and friends to insure quality control is maintained.

Candidates can apply by leaving their name, experience to date, and phone number in the comments section.